Mozart’s Le Nozze di Figaro / The Metropolitan Opera

Rachel Willis-Sørensen has had several outings as the Countess now, and she seems to grow into the role more with each passing attempt. Her latest incarnation was sublime.

New York Classical Review

“Willis-Sørensen’s approach to the character is subtle: she shows no outbursts of anger at the Count’s philandering and abuse, but instead a deep, abiding sadness. That quiet grief was apparent in her vocal performance on Wednesday—there is a shine even to her softest singing, retaining the amber tone and lightly simmering energy that she produces when singing at full voice. “Dove Sono” was masterfully realized, showing frustration in the recitative before giving way to the tearful resignation of the aria. The pianissimo refrain was breathtaking, and transitioned gorgeously into the cabaletta, as proud resolve flowed directly out of her sorrow.”

New York Classical Review

“Rachel Willis-Sorensen…rose to her big arias beautifully.”

Ken Howard – The New York Times